Sign up for the Land Liberation Workshop Series


Sign up for one or both workshops directly through PeoplesHub.

*Update: the first workshop is full but the second workshop on the Appalachian Land Study is still accepting sign-ups! 

The Appalachian Land Study is excited to join with Highlander Center and PeoplesHub to offer a workshop series on our collaborative land justice work in Appalachia and the south! 

This series will be an introduction to the overall “Land Liberation Study.” This initiative is currently being built through Appalachian, Southern, national, and global partnerships to inform Highlander in a “Land and Place” methodology. This methodology honors the legacy of social movements and libertatory practices that inspire communities to consider how vital land and place is in our strategy for liberation. 

The workshops will be facilitated by Charice Starr (Highlander Center), Susan Williams (Highlander Center), and Lindsay Shade (University of Kentucky) and are being offered with training, technological, and financial support from PeoplesHub at no cost to participants.

Workshop 1 (04/27/20): 

Charice will share Highlander’s vision for movement accompaniment towards land justice. She will also lead a dialogue around land principles and history of land struggles throughout the South and Appalachia.

Workshop 2 (05/25/20): 

Lindsay, Susan, and Charice will introduce the Appalachian Land Study, an ongoing effort that uses participatory action research (PAR) to understand land ownership and public revenues in Central Appalachia. Absentee corporate land ownership has underlied a legacy of severe ecological damage and economic, gender, and racial inequality in Appalachia. They will discuss the historical context for the study, introduce the methods they are using, and talk about challenges they have faced. They will also examine how PAR can be used to build consciousness about the power structures that sustain injustice and mobilize action for change. Lastly they will reflect with participants on how to best grow and connect our movement with other land justice movements in the South.